Posted by allicinnow on Jul 14, 2010

Alliums sativun, better known as garlic, contains superb anti-oxidant properties, comprising of several components. Which are essential for the plant, so that it can defend its self from fungi and insects? Allicin is produced enzymatically from the plant when it is damaged. It is also known as nature’s own insecticide.

Cavallito et al. First noted the potent anti fungal activity in 1944 and it has since received a patent. However, since the substance possesses an offensive odor and the fact it’s unstable. Scientists consider it to have limited value, within the body and it is therefore considered to be a transient compound. It rapidly converts into other substances, allicin being one of them.

Natural medicines such as Alligel are often more beneficial than synthetic drugs and have less side effects, if any. Regardless of the well-documented studies of herbal and natural remedies, we often use the medical physicians for minor ailments such as rashes, bites, stings and bruises. These ailments and conditions can easily be treated with natural remedies and thankfully alligel is an excellent topical treatment for these conditions.


Modern medicine involves the diagnosis and treatment of a specific illness, when it arises. Natural medicine on the other hand, is given not only when needed as treatment, but also for avoiding further diseases. It promotes a healthy lifestyle, by instilling good habits, a healthy balanced diet and exercise often.