Five Benefits from the Use of Allicin

Posted by allicinnow on Aug 7, 2010

Allicin is an extract obtained from garlic. Thru the years garlic has been useful for many health benefits. The extract may have a greater effect on some things. Allow me to share five benefits from its use.

1. Garlic extract will help stimulate the immune system boosters. It possesses a great natural antibiotic effect. The production of white blood cells is stimulated. This makes fighting off disease, easier.

2. Allicin the heart of garlic. Common therapy like aspirin is used to help keep the blood thin. This helps to eliminate excessive blood clots. Blood clots can contribute to heart attacks and strokes. This extract has a very good blood thinning action. It is also an antioxidant. This is good for heart health. Antioxidants help to keep cells from wearing out, because of the effects of oxygen.

3. It contributes greatly to cold and flu prevention. People taking garlic and garlic extract are less likely to have viral infections. You will find there’s natural anti viral property to garlic. It might not totally prevent flu and colds. However, it can cause them to become less severe. Recovery time may also be quicker.

4. It can help with bacterial infection. It has an antimicrobial action in garlic. It is actually more pronounced in the extract. This can deal with common infections. It may also be beneficial against antibiotic resistant infections.


5. Cancer prevention is very important. Studies on garlic as well as extract are extremely promising. It currently is being tested for prevention in condition with treatment. People who have a family history should do all they can for prevention. Garlic extract supplements ought to be seriously considered.

Allicin is an extract that is extracted from garlic. It accounts for the majority of the good things about garlic. In concentrated form, it can have many health benefits. It also is being employed as an immune system stimulant. Garlic has known heart benefits. Many people are finding benefit for colds and flu prevention. It is being tested for use against antibiotic resistant infection. There are many studies conducted with allicin and cancer. Some are targeted at prevention. In addition there are studies, where it is used to kill cancer cells.