Allicin & MRSA

Posted by allicinnow on Sep 22, 2010

It’s a fact that there are no signs of mrsa / drug resistance bacteria found in indoor environments, for instance in hospitals, homes, and schools, that might be resistant to usual treatments such as antibiotics, and it’s a problem that will only continue to grow in the future. Perhaps the most common example is MRSA, otherwise known as Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. Unfortunately many millions of people are currently infected with this drug resistant bacterium. A lot of studies have recently been undertaken into understanding the relationship between Allicin & MRSA.

The heart of garlic, Allicin is actually a natural and powerful treatment that is effective against bacterial infection where antibiotics may not have any value. The truth is such herbal treatments and remedies have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years. It is merely within the last half century that they have been pushed a side as the big pharmaceutical companies manipulate their marketing power and influence to substantially more than exaggerate the value of their artificially made antibiotics.

The benefits of garlic, with allicin have been discovered to be highly effective in combating infection. Actually it has also been proven to help lower blood pressure levels, improve digestive health, and provide the immune system boosters a boost. In the fight against the signs of MRSA, garlic is winning where more costly pharmaceutical products have been discovered as being useless.

This supplement is produced by fresh garlic once the cloves are crushed or bruised. It is allicin which gives garlic its pungent odor. It is important to understand that allicin may become oxidized rapidly after it’s first created. For this reason not all garlic products offer the same degree of benefits. It would need to be fresh or have been processed in a special method to give you the maximum advantage


It’s possible to obtain garlic supplement that incorporate pure allicin. This might be such as allicin powder, oil, or odorless capsules. It may well even be possible to acquire specially prepared antimicrobial garlic products that have been designed specifically for the fight against MRSA in mind. Another important consideration is that unlike regular antibiotics, the consumption of allicin won’t destroy healthy bacteria that are already within the gut.

When it comes to treating an MRSA infection it is critical to identify the cause together with understanding the best method of treatment. If you use allicin regularly as soon as the infection has moved on you will reduce the possibility of a repeat event.