Allicin and Blood Pressure

Posted by allicinnow on Jul 17, 2010

Creative Commons License photo credit: Zeusandhera
Roughly 75% of physician visits every year are linked to stress, and if your stress threshold goes unmanaged you may be significantly increasing your risk of coronary disease. Stress can cause high blood pressure and that needs to be managed.

When an individual has high blood pressure they are fully aware that they must get it controlled in some manner. However, many are too hesitant to take some of the medications widely available in prescription form to manage their blood pressure. To help you avoid taking many of the prescription medications a person might want to speak with the doctor about using garlic with allicin for a holistic approach to their high blood pressure.

Its generally good practices to use natural treatments for your medical issues and not have to worry about putting a chemical compound into your body


Once you’re stressed, your arteries tend to be susceptible to damage, caused by your increased blood pressure. Injury to the circulatory inner lining causes plaques to build up or clogging of the arteries. Once his system is damaged it is more vulnerable to cardiac arrest.

Generally speaking: stop smoking, lose some weight, drink sensibly, do more exercise, eat more fruit and veggies and chew on a little garlic with allicin.