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Garlic, a small vegetable, has a well deserved big reputation. According to some traditional beliefs, this plant wards off vampires, protects against evil and brings bad luck. However, this herb has the ability of transforming any meal into a healthy, bold and aromatic culinary experience. This natural plant is in the same group of vegetables with chives, leeks and onions. It is arranged in a bulb and cloves. The bulb is about 2 inches high. The entire bulb and the cloves are encased in sheaths that look like paper that are off-white, white or purple in color. These cloves are firm in texture but can be crushed or cut. It has a taste that hits with a hot pungency and a subtle sweetness in the background. You can find powdered and dried cloves in the market throughout the year. However, fresh varieties are usually harvested from July to December.


This herb can trace its origin to central Asia. It is one of the plants that have been cultivated on earth for more than five thousand years. It is believed that ancient Egyptians were the first to cultivate this plant because it played a very important role in their cultural beliefs. During those times, it was bestowed with sacred features and was placed on the tombs of Pharaohs. The slaves that built the pyramids were given plenty of this natural herb to enhance their strength and endurance. The quality of enhancing strength and endurance was acknowledged by the ancient Romans and Greeks. Before going for sporting competitions, athletes ate these herbal roots. Soldiers also ate it before going off to war.

The migrating explorers and cultural tribes introduced cloves to other regions of the world. By the 6th century, Indians and Chinese had known of the plant. Indians used it for therapeutic purposes. Throughout history, cloves have been liked by many because of its medicinal and culinary properties. With the advancement in science and technology, this natural herbal plant has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years because researchers have scientifically proven its health benefits. Currently, this herb is produced commercially in India, Spain, South Korea and China.

How to choose and Store

For maximum nutritional benefits and flavor, always buy the organic plant that is fresh. This herb in paste, powder or in flake form can be more convenient but this type will give you less health and culinary benefits. Buy plump supplements with skin that is unbroken. Softly squeeze the bulbs of the clove between your fingers and check whether it feels firm. If it is damp, do not buy it. Avoid soft, moldy, shriveled or sprouting plants. These signs might be indictors of decay which results in inferior texture and flavor. Do not choose big sized clove thinking that it is of high quality, size is not a factor. If your recipe requires larger amounts of cloves, always remember that peeling and chopping a few big cloves is easier than peeling many small cloves. You can get fresh natural organic plants in the market during most times of the year.

Keep fresh natural plants in a loosely covered or uncovered container in a dark and cool place away from sunlight and heat exposure. By so doing, the plant will maintain its freshness by preventing sprouting. Sprouting cause’s excess wastes and reduces its flavor. Refrigerating this herb is not a must. Do not peel the herb and then freeze it, it will lose texture and flavor. Depending on its variety and age, garlic bulbs can be fresh for one month if properly stored. Regularly inspect the bulb and remove the cloves that might appear moldy or dried. After chopping the herbal roots, its shelf life is greatly reduced.

The benefits of garlic

1. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

The cardiovascular system is among the many body systems that benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of allicin. Scientific studies have shown that the respiratory and the musculoskeletal systems also benefit from allicins anti-inflammatory compounds. This clove has thiacremonone and diallyl sulfide which have shown to have properties that tend to keep away arthritis. Other studies have shown that this aged plant extract improves inflammatory conditions when the airway gets inflamed. Some obesity inflammatory aspects can be altered by the compounds that contain sulfur in this herb. There is a stage during the development of the fats cells of the body that is related closely to the inflammatory system.

2. Antiviral and antibacterial Benefits

This natural herb is widely known since time immemorial due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties. This vegetable and its compounds have been studied scientifically for their benefits in the control of viral and bacterial infections. This plant is also believed to offer protection from infections from worms, fungi and yeast. This natural supplement can be used to prevent candidacies in women. Fresh crushed cloves helps in preventing infections by pseudomonas aeruginosa in patients with burns. Allicin has also been effective in treating some bacterial infections which have become resistant to prescription antibiotics due to their continued use. However, most studies on allicin as antibacterial or antibiotic involve powdered products or fresh extracts and not the fresh product from the bulbs.


3. Cancer prevention

Research does not specifically indicate that the consumption of cloves helps to prevent cancer, but it indicates that the consumption of cruciferous vegetables such as this natural organic plant can protect you from some cancers. High allicin intake that is daily consumption of raw cloves, has shown to reduce the risk of all cancers except breast and prostate cancer. However, taking this herb in moderate quantities, that is several times weekly, only lowers the risk of renal and colorectal cancer. The difference between moderate versus high plant intake is the real difference that suggests that we should all eat more in order to maximize its benefits of protecting you against cancer.

4. Iron Metabolism

Recent scientific research studies indicate that this natural herb assists in the metabolism of iron. When the body cells store iron, one of the major passageways for moving it out of the cell and returning it into circulation in the rest of the body involves ferroprotin. It runs across the cells of the membrane. It also provides a bridge that iron uses to leave the cell. This herb increases the production of this protein; hence the circulation of iron will be under check.
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Garlic with Allicin

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Garlic with Allicin

Garlic with Allicin

The revolution of stabilized allicin – only found in Alligin®
-From the desk of Peter Josling
The garlic world can be a bit confusing at times – especially when people make comments about new products being much stronger and somehow better than well established brands like Alligin®. Its important to do your research and to understand what all the numbers actually mean and whether the claims are backed up by proper scientific evidence.

Until we began manufacturing the World’s only stabilised allicin extract, found exclusively in products carrying the Allisure® trademark, customers had a wide choice of products that had some potential to release allicin into the body. This potential could only be realized if the garlic product could get through the gut without being destroyed by stomach acid. In certain products this did happen sometimes but unfortunately the chemistry of garlic made it very difficult to guarantee that ANY allicin could be released and made available to the body.
Work published in the UK , USA and Germany showed this to be the case. The reason is that your own stomach acid seeks out and selectively disables a crucial enzyme called allinase which is found in all garlic powder extracts including those new ones mixed with ginger and star anise.
Manufacturers and suppliers realized that this was less than ideal and so needed a test to show that actually their products had HUGE potential to yield allicin under ideal conditions. So this test was adopted by the entire garlic industry to allow manufacturers to claim that their brands could supply or yield thousands of micrograms or milligrams of allicin.
However the test, which is still used today, does not take place in gastric or intestinal fluid but in a water or alcohol based system – so the results bear NO RELATION whatsoever as to what actually happens when YOU swallow their products. Now if you place any garlic powder extract in water you obviously rehydrate the extract and in a laboratory test you can show that allicin can be released and that the precursor chemical alliin does get converted to allicin. This can lead to some large number claims for allicin up to 6000mcg or even as high as 2000mg – if these concentrations were actually delivered to the human body they would be TOXIC. So perhaps its just as well that in the real world the figures for allicin potential are absolutely meaningless!

Allisure® formulated exclusively with ginger in the now well established brand Alligin® IS DIFFERENT and whilst the actual amount of real allicin found in this product is small it is still more than enough to be able to kill a wide range of pathogens including MRSA, E Coli, Streptococcus, cold virus and fungal infections.
The reason is simple in that the allicin is physically in the product, it doesn’t need to be rehydrated or converted or mixed with star anise or vitamin c or ginseng to be able to show major activity. Ask yourself this question – where is the data on ANY other garlic extract to prove that these pathogens can be killed? Answer there is none – the only brand with any real data on killing bacteria, virus and fungus is ALLIGIN® and you can see this data at under references.

Finally ask yourself one more question: Would I rather take a small amount of a product that I know works and has data to support its use as natural antimicrobial and has a safety and toxicology test to show that as many as 777 can be taken in ONE dose without doing any harm – or should I be hoodwinked into buying a hastily put together combination of “actives” that has no data and cannot guarantee any activity against the major pathogens we face daily in the modern world in which we live and has no published safety data.

For me the answer will always be Alligin® the ONLY garlic/ginger combination that actually contains stabilized allicin and works!!!

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Allimax is created in the same manner that allicin is, from fresh garlic, but though a clever process that has a patent on it. This sophisticated; patented extraction process, produces pure allicin and locks all its goodness into convenient one-a-day capsules, cream or liquid that people are now able to buy, for our everyday use and health protection.

This patented process helps to ensure that vast amounts of stable Allicin can be produced. This sophisticated refinement process has, for the first time allowed the manufacture to capture garlic’s active component and deliver it straight to where the body needs it the most.

Allimax is really a supplement that can provide the body with 100% yield of allicin. Not one other garlic supplements contain any allicin powder. They rely on your body being able to generate allicin after you have swallowed the powder and/ or vegetarian capsule, or eaten considerable amounts of raw garlic, that will keep you single throughout your lifetime. Allimax is totally odorless.

Garlic oil supplements are produced by distilling fresh garlic extract; the oil that is produced is then diluted and placed into a capsule. This destroys most, if not completely all of the available allicin. Not one other garlic supplements contain any allicin. They depend on the body being able to generate allicin once you have swallowed the tablet or capsule. Several garlic powder supplements can generate some, but this depends upon the prevailing stomach conditions and may take hrs to convert it. This can often result in an unwanted garlic odor, while Allimax is completely odorless.

Strengthen and support your immune system with this cutting-edge product. Alligin contains ginger also, which have been proven in laboratory testing to have a powerful synergistic impact on one another!

I’ve been taking these capsules every single day for over four years now and I don’t remember ever having a cold or flu. I also take an extra capsule I know that I will be around people who have a cold or the flu, so I won’t catch it, and that usually keeps me out of trouble. Or, if I feel a flu or cold coming on, I take as much as 5 capsules a day and that knocks the flu or cold out.

Garlic Supplements

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Garlic supplements have become increasingly popular over the past several years. The ancients knew of garlic’s powerful infection-fighting properties. As legends go, Nostradamus, the famous 16th century physician, was credited with saving many lives during the Black Plague, by stringing garlic cloves around the necks of his patients. But the fact is that modern double-blind clinical studies have shown that garlic is a natural antibiotic that kills 27 different pathogens. These are impressive credentials for such a humble, everyday plant.

Garlic supplements are one of the safest herbal plant medicines. Studies have shown that people who consume large quantities of garlic over a lifetime, tend to live to a ripe old age. Garlic supplements are the most comprehensive way to take garlic regularly.

Some people simply cannot tolerate eating raw garlic at all, and even if you like garlic, you might not want to eat it every single day. Supplements are an excellent way to achieve that regular garlic intake, that is necessary, to fight off a nose cold and prevent future occurrences.

Garlic supplements should be standardized for allicin content. It has been said, that in Europe, garlic supplements must have at least 0. 45% of this important component. To prevent colds, eating a clove of garlic three times per day until symptoms go away, appears to be effective. Raw garlic is considered to be the most effective way to use garlic therapeutically, but for people concerned with garlic’s? Smelly odor, supplements are available.

The health benefits of garlic supplements are astounding. There are so many great medicinal purposes for this type of herbal health food and it is highly implemented in the Mediterranean diet. Don’t worry, these types of supplements are odorless and won’t make people stand far away from you.

Be very careful when buying odorless formulations of garlic supplements. If it is odorless, then it means that the chance that it may not contain a chemical called Allicin, which is responsible for the garlic odor. Allicin is important because it is the main component, to many of the health benefits from garlic.

Garlic Capsules

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Garlic Capsules

Garlic is among the most widely used bulk spices today, garlic capsules are considered medicinally effective, like garlic cloves, but do not possess the side effect of giving you unpleasant body odor. Garlic is commonly used in food around the world, but it is also use as a dietary supplement, to treat or improve various health conditions. People checked out this supplement because it comes in many forms; pills, oils and the raw forum.

When choosing the best, look for a combination of allicin and sulfides, in your supplement, using the highest degree of medicinal health for your advantage. You can find these in many different nutrition stores and even your local supermarket.

Many types of capsules are available, on the market, however, not everyone is effective, plus some have no health advantages at all. There is a method to determine which garlic capsules are best. The amount of Allicin, the antibacterial element of garlic, whether or not the garlic is enteric-coated, or when it’s odor-free all should be considered before investing in a particular brand.

Garlic capsules are nothing but garlic powder put in gelatin capsules, or vegetarian capsules converted to pill form, so the consumer receives a measured dosage of garlic without getting immediate primary garlic breath. Not all garlic powder is equal, this will depend on which amount of garlic was used to make the powder and just how it is made; some have more power to produce allicin, than others. You may also buy empty gelatin capsules by the box and make your personal garlic powder from your home-grown garlic and fill your personal capsules with raw garlic that you have home-grown.

When considering all of the capsules available to you, look for the quantity of allicin in each supplement; many don’t contain any amount of the compound. This may be because allicin is really a sulfurous compound that gives garlic it’s notorious smell-therefore, some consumers worry these supplements can make their breath smell unattractive. Some capsules instead, list the amount of another compound called alliin, which is only one letter off from allicin. Alliin is a different; it’s not as potent or beneficial.

When introducing a brand new supplement into your diet, it is usually a good idea to meet with a doctor or nutritionist. Question them, on any queries you may have about the advantages of garlic, and any potential allergies or negative side effects. A professional familiar with your specific needs will know how well these pills can best provide for your body. These items are natural herbal remedies and usually are not evaluated by the FDA, nor are they to be considered as medicine. If you believe that you’ve a health problem or concern, you need to swiftly seek medical advice from your health care provider.

Garlic Health

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Garlic health advantages are unique; it has properties that may impact some of our Twenty-first century health issues in dramatic ways. It is amazing that a simple food can have such profound effect on our overall health and well-being. What scientist is discovering daily, just how potent a number of our nearly forgotten natural foods can be? This health supplement probably benefits us a lot more than every other herb, that makes it more like a perfect food. It is extremely nutritious and has health-promoting and disease-preventing properties which have only recently been closely examined and accepted by the profession of medicine.

This supplement has proven it’s self over time. If it didn’t work and work nicely, it might have fallen out of the historical records sooner or later sometime ago. However it includes a health background more solid than simply about every other substance that we know and use today. It truly has stood the test of time.

Garlic ranks as one of the strongest remedies of all time for effectiveness and health advantages. Its health advantages are so numerous it is hard to write about them all. It will grow in just about any place all around the globe, in temperate, subtropical and tropical regions.

How does it suddenly develop its characteristic taste? If you take a clove of garlic, peel it, come on close and take a whiff. There is no odor. You are able to lick the uncut clove and there is no taste. Should you boil it without cutting it, you receive a vegetable taste. The strong odor and taste of garlic appear only once it has been cut or crushed. What is the strong smelly compound, and what is the mystery of their production? Just maybe it’s the allicin that is created once the garlic is crushed or cut, the garlic releases this chemical and that is where the strong taste and smell comes from. Raw garlic is extremely strong, so eating too much could produce problems.

Poor diet choices tops the list of major reasons we get sick: Studies have demonstrated that an eating plan deficient within the right combination or amounts of specific nutrients can cause almost every kind of disease or condition. Garlic will not resurrect the dead, nor cause the stupid to be smart! Even garlic is not a perfect wonder drug. It may rightfully, however, be called a miracle herb due to the uncanny effectiveness in preventing and treating a multitude of diseases. Still, garlic is no quick fix or instantaneous means to fix any ailment!

As a restorative herb, garlic can enjoy a significant role in balancing a stressful life along with a fatigued body. Besides protecting us against a whole host of diseases and conditions, including hypertension , garlic works as a tonic, that is, it works to really REDUCE fatigue along with other symptoms of stress in your body. Additionally, it works to increase energy, improve physical stamina as well as extend our life expectancy. In ancient times garlic was adopted like a tonic, on their behalf garlic was a life saving herb, for the reason that it not only helped the folks resist disease, but restored energy, and reduced fatigue. And it has been reported the slaves would rebel if there was a shortage of it.

Garlic Garlic

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Medicinal Effects of Garlic

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Odorless Garlic Pills

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Allicin is not a drug, but a natural chemical compound made by the common garlic plant that has been safely eaten by man for 4000 years, with no harmful side effects. Allicin is a natural component found in fresh garlic, a very common and widely used edible plant, which has a safety record going back several thousand years, so any negative side effects are highly unlikely.

Sensitivity to garlic is not very common in the general population, but those who are typically create a rash which goes away when they stop eating the raw garlic. For this reason, many people decide to exclude this plant from their diet despite all health benefits it brings. If you are someone who loves Garlic and doesn’t mind the pungent smell, you should eat garlic for all of its natural benefits.

Some people are not bothered by the smell and others attempt to hide the odor by mixing it with olive oil, or some type of fish oil, just to get rid of that weird odor. Fortunately, there are now odorless garlic pills that can be purchased, they work just as effectively and have none of the problems that were faced with eating the raw garlic, which was of course, the odor. There are many odorless garlic pills that are on the market today. Many of them are just putting the raw garlic in the capsules, just to hide the terrible odor. Make sure you check the label and see if it contains Allicin in the capsules.

If you are taking a product called Alli-C, it doesn’t need to wait to be converted into allicin, because each capsule of Alli-C? contains an abundance of allicin powder. All the allicin is already there and it was already made odorless, so it can’t create any “garlic breath” or smelly burps from your stomach. Also note that people with more tender stomachs sometimes will experience slit discomfort when eating raw garlic, but not when taking vegetarian type capsules of Allicin powder.

Aged garlic

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One of the main properties of aged garlic is treating heart complications. It can help to lower the bad cholesterol levels within the blood stream and also helps to stop the clogging of cholesterol that can accumulate in the lining of the arteries. These actions alone reduce the likelihood of a stroke or cardiac arrest. Frequent consumption of aged garlic also reduces homocysteine levels significantly. Homocysteine is largely a type of protein contained in the bloodstream and having high amounts of it can result in blood vessel sickness, stroke and cardiovascular illnesses.

Garlic is actually a little known herb that promotes a healthier lifestyle. Garlic has been utilized for thousands of years, but recently aged garlic has grown to become used as a popular supplement.

Aged garlic can help prevent cancer through encouraging cell death, and helps with preventing the development of new cancer vessels of blood. Cancer cells are good at developing new vessels of blood when forming a tumor.

Aged garlic allows you to guard the brain from conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It helps to eliminates conditions that will result in degenerating of the cells. Furthermore, taking aged garlic improves the Brains capability to memorize and learn. It has been said to increase the Brains overall lifespan.

Aged garlic extract might be helpful for a person who dislikes the strong taste of raw garlic. It’s tough to say which form is better for health benefits. Some people find raw garlic rough on their digestion, so aged garlic extract doesn’t retain the strong odor taste of allicin found in raw garlic. If you can handle raw garlic, then you probably should use raw garlic in what you eat. Aged garlic extract should be taken in capsules forum. That way your aged garlic will be odorless.